West Emerald is a creative outlet for those who share my

passion for design, travel and photography.


I had a dream... Yes, I seriously just said that. It’s true. In my dream I had designed and created a blog from scratch and called it West Emerald (I can thank R.E.M sleep for that name). The first thing I did the next morning was purchase the domain without a hesitation and got to work! I had never considered starting a blog pre-dream, but I am so stoked that my subconscious knew better! Already, this blog has been such a positive aspect in my life, providing a creative outlet for my imagination to take a deep-dive into.


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1.  I was born and raised in Whistler, B.C. Canada. I am extremely grateful that I was able to grow up in the “North America's Best Ski Resort;” where being outdoorsy, adventurous and being a low-key athlete is standard.

2.  I went to the University of British Columbia; earning my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a major in Photography and a minor in Digital Media.

3.  I’m not sure if “obsessed” is a strong enough word to describe how much I love the ocean; most notably, whales. Am I the only one that thinks being called a “whale” is a term of endearment?

4.  I currently work as the head designer for an outdoor company and aspire to work as a creative consultant and/or creative director for a lifestyle brand. I started designing while I was in my early teens, which helped me establish myself career-wise before the age of 21.

5.  The recipe for happiness - for optimal results, eat in this order: pickles, spaghetti carbonara, sliced limes, mango, pad thai and Sour Patch Kids... then repeat. It’s good, I promise.