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West Emerald Creative is a boutique branding studio based in Vancouver, BC led by Kristi Hemingson, a graphic designer and photographer of over 8 years. Specializing in brand design, communication design and content photography, West Emerald Creative creates lasting brand experiences that engage, inspire and connect.

Made with Passion + Purpose

I work exclusively with like-minded businesses and individuals that share excitement for female-founded businesses, entrepreneurship, community, do-good initiatives and wellness. Partnering with businesses whose values mirror my own allows me to go beyond “just design” to deliver experiences created with heart, passion and support for your brand.

Work Experience
This #creativehappylife

With 6+ years working as a designer, 9+ years in photography and a lifetime of being “that artsy kid,” I can confidently navigate the creative space like the back of my hand. I graduated from UBC with a Fine Arts degree while working on a multitude of paid creative gigs, building my portfolio and scoring my first full- time design position before my 20th birthday. 

Over the years, I’ve gained extensive design experience for Canadian-owned businesses and some of Australia’s most elite companies. On the photography side of things, I have direction/studio experience from shoots with clients, brands and on film sets – all with the aim to capture that ‘magical moment’. My background in photography has been an asset in my career, which allows me to conceptualize designs from all creative angles and provide services to uplevel branded imagery.

The Studio Story
A journey of manifestation (+ a lot of hard work!)

The universe works in beautiful and mysterious ways. My career path to owning my own business has blossomed through intent, a whole lotta passion and a little push from the universe to take a leap. 

A few years ago I woke up abruptly to a vivid dream – you know, one of those ones where you could have sworn it was real? In my dream I was sitting at a big wooden table, working on some badass branding for a client at West Emerald Creative (I can thank R.E.M sleep for that name). I purchased the domain, after coming to around 3am, without hesitation and the rest is history! What started as a creative outlet to showcase my portfolio and blog about my travels has organically evolved into what you see now – a full time creative gig at West Emerald Creative.

A message to creatives + entrepreneurs

I am a huge believer in #communityovercompetition and I’d love to connect with any like-minded individuals that are passionate, entrepreneurial and/or living a creatively fulfilling life. If you are looking for a creative connection, let’s grab a coffee and network.


Get to know me.

Hi, I’m Kristi – typography obsessed, creativepreneur +
luke-warm coffee drinker.

5 quick facts about me


I was born and raised in Whistler, B.C. Canada. I am extremely grateful that I was able to grow up in an environment where being outdoorsy, adventurous and being a low-key athlete is standard.


I went to the University of British Columbia and earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Photography/Digital Media and minored in Biology.


I spent time living and travelling abroad in Australia and Indonesia while freelancing in design & photography. A highlight from my travels was watching the sunrise from the top of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, Indonesia (after a 12-hour jungle trek with leeches falling from the trees).


It’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like hot coffee! You can find me sipping on iced coffee or – stick with me here – lukewarm coffee.


Secret talent? I can pogo-stick with no hands. Yep, it’s possible!

Let’s Get Creative…

Feeling inspired? Shoot me an email to get things started! I’m looking forward to connecting with you on your next project – or feel free to inquire about an hourly rate.