MOOD: This Low-Key Hip-Hop playlist features upbeat and easy listening rap and R&B beats – nothing overly obnoxious, I promise! This is a perfect playlist for a pick-me-up at work, in the car with a diverse group of music tastes, or while getting ready in the morning. Updated regularly, so keep coming back!

FEATURING: Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Anderson .Paak and more.

RATING: NSFW… or Moms.



Playlist Series:

This it the first playlist in a series I will be releasing on my blog! Working in the design field, I am fortunate to have tons of flexibility with my schedule and be relatively independent with my assignments. Because of this freedom, I get into “zone” listening to music and podcasts at work. I find that I can concentrate better on my creative tasks if I can lose myself in my work without any distractions, so you can usually find me plugged in and dancing in my office chair. No shame.