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Bringing Creative Ideas to Life: Outerwear Photoshoot

Getting to hold an invitation you designed, wear clothes with graphics you made, or in this case - seeing photographs created around your concept is always exciting and incredibly satisfying. I think that is why I gravitate towards print based design - to create something tangible and produced on a mass scale makes my creative soul feel full. Keep reading to find out what it takes to bring your creative ideas to life.

The Brand:

RYU Apparel (Respect Your Universe)
Creators of urban athletic apparel.

The Creative Brief:

The winter campaign featured the brand's range of outerwear. We arranged a photoshoot to create the imagery to be used for the print, web and social graphics for the season.

Photoshoot #1 | Holiday Themed Imagery



For the Holiday season, most brands go for classic red and green tones or a Christmas angle. It was tricky to come up with an idea for RYU that was "holiday" without being "kitschy," and "festive" while still maintaining the brand's minimal/subtle aesthetic. I decided to create a warm toned palette with soft lighting effects, bokeh photography, and a creative use of focus.


Photoshoot #2 | Winter Themed Imagery

INSPIRATION | MOODBOARDWinter-Campaign-West-Emerald-Photoshoot


The winter themed campaign was launched after the holiday campaign, but featured the same products and models. To create a contrast, I went for a cool toned palette with bright whites, and muted blues to reference the season without distracting from the apparel. To create visual interest and a creative focal range, fake snow was incorporated on-set. #saltbae.


Photographer: Anthony Redpath
Models: Praise Vaughn & Tyson Gillies
Hair & Makeup: Christina Petry
On-Set Creative Direction: David Belanger & Tom Ravenhill
Photo Editor: Thais Tomzhinsky

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Model: Eva Navi