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Campaign: Summer Lovin’ Flash Sale Design

Flash Sale Design
Flash Sale designs are always so much fun to create! Because these campaigns are time sensitive, it allows me to think of unique ideas to communicate an urgent/eye catching sale feature. This sale campaign featured hundreds of products ranging from winter gear and accessories – to seasonal…

Mood: Dreaming of Tropical Vibes

I think it may be something to do with this time of year – but my mind is totally consumed with wanderlust! This mood board is inspired by daydream-worthy “Tropical Vibes,” based around turquoise water, fresh fruit, palm trees, and ocean breezes. To officially get myself out of winter hibernation…

Valentine’s Inspired by Rap Lyrics

Will you be my Valentine?
I am celebrating the love-filled holiday a little differently this year by designing candy conversation hearts inspired by some of the most popular rap songs. I would be lying if I said I had never picked the candies out of the package in hopes that…