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I want to bring your creative vision (or lack of) to life! I am a senior level designer with a passion for creating dynamic visual content to bring brand experiences to life. I have extensive creative experience working for Canadian-based businesses and have freelanced for some of Australia’s most elite companies. I specialize in branding, print and advertising-based creative with a strong background in concept development - fresh new ideas are my thing!

I graduated from UBC with a BFA degree, majoring in photography & digital media. I never miss an opportunity to pick up my camera - I have directing and studio experience behind the lens and a passion for portraiture. Additionally, I have worked on film sets and with brands to capture that magical moment for my clients.


I am currently seeking creative opportunities in Vancouver, Canada.
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Advertising & Print Media
Email Marketing
Web Design


Logos & Visual Identity
Concept Development
Creative Consulting


Beauty & Fashion
Events & Promo
Landscape & Lifestyle




Kristi joined the Globus family of brands on a contract to help us through a very busy period both in our digital environment and offline marketing. We challenged Kristi to deliver visual content through a number of our channels, website, brochures, offline travel agent communications (flyers, posters) and internal communications. Kristi hit every deadline and her output was exceptional.

We were so impressed with Kristi and her ability we gave her our biggest trade event to design, Super Tour. Super Tour is a reward to our top performing travel agent partners, we produce a series of teaser communications to push agents along to sell the most of our products and earn themselves a spot on a dedicated reward tour (somewhere in the world). Kristi put all of the designs together for all of our channels (online and offline), she came up with the theme, look, feel and left us with a series of mood boards that we can use moving forwards.

Her designs are exceptional, her attitude is terrific and above all she is a pleasure to work with.



We were approached by Kristi upon her arrival to Sydney in 2017 seeking freelance or contract work in the creative sector. We instantly recognised her design skills, professional engagement and a cultural fit aligned to many of our clients.

During her time in Sydney, Kristi worked for many of Macpeople's established clients in the capacity of Graphic Designer. Before long, we considered Kristi a ‘go-to’ candidate across a range of design-related assignments. Our clients regularly relayed positive feedback which resulted in extensions and further bookings. Kristi is a versatile designer who can apply herself to a variety of design projects across numerous industries.If she ever makes it back to Australia, we’d be confident in finding Kristi immediate design work.



Kristi is an absolute delight to work with and any team would be lucky to have her. She brought immense value to Skiis & Biikes through her efficiency, attention to detail and interest in analytics. With Kristi on our team we were able to quadruple our output, and the compliments on our campaign creative came pouring in. She is a talented designer who prioritizes the user and the end goal, while paying close attention to the data. Additionally, she's a great collaborator and true team player. Kristi is eager to learn and get her hands dirty, always goes above and beyond and still comes to work every day with a smile on her face.



Attentive and enthusiastic, Kristi’s unique ability to conceptualize and design consistently exceeds expectations. With a combination of deep technical knowledge, strong communication skills and impressive visual creativity, she has given useful and insightful feedback on numerous occasions.

Kristi has been exemplary in helping build the essentials tools needed to be taken seriously in my industry as an actor. From her head shot photography, to the outstanding work she did helping me brand myself with my website and business cards she has been truly invaluable. Kristi’s work never fails to be natural, simple and elegant.



“Creative. Efficient. Perfectionist.” is what comes to my mind when I think about Kristi. I had the pleasure of working with her as part of the marketing team for over 1 ½ years. I was especially impressed by Kristi’s exceptional, positive work ethic and drive to design marketing campaigns that are highly engaging, visually attractive and 100% on brand. She truly has an eye for design and her attention to detail, time management skills and team-player personality make working with her a breeze. Kristi would be an asset for any team and I highly recommend her as a graphic designer!



Attentive and enthusiastic, Kristi’s unique ability to conceptualize and design consistently exceeds expectations. With a combination of deep technical knowledge, strong communication skills and impressive visual creativity, she has given valuable and insightful feedback on numerous occasions. From t-shirt designs to corporate websites, Kristi’s work never fails to be natural, simple and elegant.



Kristi is very professional while working, but creates a fun and comfortable setting for her client. Her passion and creativity is endless resulting in stunning photos. I fell in love with the photos she took of me instantly. Not only did she give appropriate direction in what she needed from me as a model, but she also styled my hair and makeup to help her concept come to life. When you come to set she always has a strong vision that is executed brilliantly. I would be fortunate to take part in any future photo shoots with her.



I have never modeled before shooting with Kristi, but my nerves vanished as the environment proved to be comfortable and non-intimidating. To begin with, Kristi created a very calm, exciting, fun atmosphere. She solely directed the whole shoot. She set up the backdrop, lighting, make-up and outfits. Although there were many different styles and transitions, they did not hinder the shoot making it too tedious or long. In fact the shoot had a wonderful flow; there was never a dull or stressful moment.

Kristi had a clear vision and knew exactly what she wanted. However, if something didn’t go as planned, she was open to changing or tweaking her idea to make the shoot work. My little experience aside, Kristi knew exactly how to shoot my angles and directed me with ease. The whole time she was very positive and encouraging. She never lost her vision and stayed very calm. She never got frustrated if there was a technical problem or I if I was struggling. The photos turned out amazing and I still cannot believe I am the subject.

Kristi has an wonderful ability to find beauty in anyone and bring it out through her photographs. She is a people person, with a beautiful energy which fills the room. The whole shoot went effortlessly. I would definitely work with Kristi again.